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All our efforts are directed toward understanding our customer’s goals and problems. We analyze the accumulated knowledge, combine the best examples with our long-term expertise, and develop or adapt market-proven insurance business management solutions.

Non-life insurance solutions:

DIS description

DIS is a unique and highly flexible insurance management system that covers all core functions of non-life insurance business starting from design of insurance product, its front-end forms and printouts up to sophisticated back-office functions.

Main DIS subsystems integrate key insurance business modules such as customer data management, creation of insurance proposal, issue of policy and further insurance contract administration, premium payment registration, debtors’ control, intermediaries’ commission, claim management, reinsurance data management, reporting, actuarial calculations. DIS is a proven and powerful business management tool, easily adaptable to the needs of each individual insurance company.

Due to its Oracle database and Web-based front-end solution, DIS is perfectly suited for the insurance companies with a wide sales network as well as large flows of transactions.

 DIS brochure (English)

 DIS brochure (Russian)


Information system for non-life insurance business

DIS is a set of the functional subsystems (modules) that are related with each other, and cover all the major areas of the insurance company’s business operations:

  • Design of products. Business rules. Graphical design of user interface. Tariff tool.
  • Customer data management.
  • Administration of sales channels, intermediaries, commissions.
  • The insurance contract administration. Premium management. Automated tasks.
  • Internet front-office solution.
  • Claims handling.
  • Reinsurance.
  • Integration with the financial system.
  • Strict accountancy forms management.
  • Technical provisions. Other statistical data.
  • Information exchange with Motor Bureau of Lithuania (on-line mode).
  • System administration module. User Rights Management.


  • Ergo Lithuania
  • Ergo Latvia
  • Balcia Insurance SE (Latvia)
  • BALTA AAS (Latvia)

Internet solutions description

  • Online sales module “DIS Sales”
  • Customer self-service websites
  • Other individual solutions

All solutions are customized according to the needs of specific insurance company.


Online sales module “DIS Sales”

Online sales module “DIS Sales” is suited for the insurance company employees, dependent and independent insurance intermediaries.

The main functions of “DIS Sales” module:

  • creation of insurance proposal (including premium calculation);
  • issuing and management of insurance contracts;
  • printing the contract document;
  • automatic numbering of policy forms;
  • tracking insurance premium payment;
  • entering and searching for information about the clients;
  • searching in the list of contracts (proposals and registered policies) using various filters;
  • user authentication.

Internet solutions for non-life insurance companies“DIS Sales“ module helps to create any kind of insurance contract. Insurance products and contract printout forms can be created responding to the needs of insurance company.

In case of Motor Third Party Liability Insurance information is being sent and received to the central database of the Motor Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania in a real time mode.

Recommended WEB browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer.

“DIS Sales“ module guarantees a safe transfer of information.

We will customize the design of the module according to the visual elements of your company (colours, logos, etc.).

This solution is perfectly suited for the new insurance companies. “DIS Sales” allows the insurance company to start selling insurance policies within a very short time.

Customer self-service websites

Websites are convenient and easy way to provide more services to customers thus saving time of insurance companies and its clients.

We can create the individual solution satisfying your needs.

Customer self-service solutions include the following functions:

  • creating various types of insurance contracts online and payment via internet banking;
  • filling the reporting form of the insured occurrences and forwarding it by e-mail to the insurance company;
  • special features for the registered users: review of the contracts’ list, download contract documents, premium review, payment of regular premium, review of claims’ list.

All functions can be implemented independently from each other.

Insurance products, document printout forms, reporting forms of the insured occurrences are being created by the individual customer orders.

Design is adapted to the visual elements of the insurance company.

Other online solutions for insurance business

Upon the client’s request other individual solutions can be created.