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AUMS Billing solution

AUMS Billing is a family of modern billing systems, which match both domestic and foreign market trends.

The systems increase customer service quality and enable mass-scale and cyclical electricity and gas, as well as additional product and service settlement.

AUMS Billing systems enable you to easily and efficiently adapt to any changes occurring in your business and legal environment. This results in a competitive advantage as well as reduced costs and faster solution implementation times.

The diversity of Asseco Billing solutions enables you to adapt the system to meet your needs and match the scale of your operations.

AUMS Billing offers a flexible implementation model in either SaaS or on-premise form.

Key benefits of the AUMS Billing systems family

  • High quality solutions based on the world-class AUMS Billing & CIS system
  • Efficient adaptation to legal and business changes
  • System maintenance cost optimization
  • Increased debt collectability
  • Support from top IT experts in the energy industry
  • Flexible implementation model
  • Open system architecture enabling further extension
  • Short time to market for additional product and service settlements

Key functionalities of the AUMS Billing systems family

  •  Automatic invoicing
  • Manual invoicing
  • Payment handling
  • Financial customer service
  • Sub-ledger
  • Taxes
  • Debt collection
  • Month-end closing and reporting

Asseco billing solution

AUMS Billing systems family

Chose the solution for your company.

Services billing. Available in cloud only.

  • Configurable products and services billing
  • Manual payments
  • 1 financial settlements algorithm
  • Accounting
  • 1 debt collection workflow path
  • 1 reporting unit
  • Financial month closing

Electricity, gas and services billing. Available in cloud and on-premise.

  • Configurable products and services billing
  • Workflow
  • Meter data acquisition
  • Supplier-side deregulated market support
  • Payments import, direct debit
  • 3 financial settlements algorithms
  • Simplified accounting configuration
  • Debt collection workflow: 1 services path / 2 electricity paths / 2 gas paths
  • 1 reporting unit for electricity / 1 reporting unit for gas
  • Financial month closing
  • Up to 100,000 Points of Delivery and/or service agreements

Electricity, gas and services billing. Available in cloud and on-premise.

  • Configurable products and services billing
  • Configurable energy and gas billing
  • Configurable billing for other media
  • Configurable workflow
  • Meter data acquisition
  • Supplier- and DSO-side deregulated market support
  • Metering devices and technical operations management
  • Technical inspections and illegal consumption handling
  • Third party settlements
  • Configurable payments import, direct debit
  • Configurable financial settlements
  • Configurable accounting
  • Configurable debt collection
  • Configurable organizational structure
  • Configurable financial month closing
  • Configurable regulatory reporting
  • Customer tailored implementation
  • No size limitations

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