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Software for small libraries

Small library information system

The software solution for small libraries was designed as an affordable solution for automation of the main business processes of a school library or any library of similar size. It offers almost the same core functionality as ProLibis does and thus can be considered as a “light” version of ProLibis. The solution designed for small libraries does not use licensed products provided by third parties with the exception of PostgreSQL as relational database system and Apache as HTTP Server (under LGPL licensing).

Main functions:

  • Cataloguing.
  • Acquisitions.
  • Circulation.
  • Access to Internet/intranet catalogue (WWW-OPAC).
  • Logging, reporting on library work processes.
  • Availability of the specialized textbook database as separate module.


  • Both online (client-server-multi-user) and single workstation modes are available.
  • Possibility to copy bibliographic records from other catalogues via z39.50 protocol and catalogue to a CD with a single mouse click.
  • Highly developed reporting on status and usage statistics of library funds (incl. specialized reports on textbooks).
  • Supports multilingual – multiscript features in bibliographic records.
  • Comprehensive documentation and user support.


  • More than 500 Lithuanian schools
  • Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture (USA)
  • Centre of Cultural Heritage
  • Lithuanian Catholic Academy of Science
  • Constitutional Court of Lithuania
  • Ministry of Interior of Lithuania
  • Education Development Center
  • State Social Insurance Fund Board of Lithuania