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Working with well-known and demanding customers for more than 30 years, we have implemented the largest and most sophisticated IT projects in Lithuania. We have an excellent practice working with projects financed by the international funds. Following are some representative projects.

Document management


Document management system for SEB Bank
Document management system for the central bank of Lithuania

Trade sector

Document management system “Avilys“ for “Akropolis Group“, Concern SBA

Public sector

Decommissioning management system for Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant
DMS Avilys and electronic services system adapters for Municipalities
DMS for the Ministry of Transport and Communications
Document Archive Management System for Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant
Document information and process management system for the Government
Document management system for National Defence Institutions
Document management system for the Ministry of Justice
Document management system for the Police Department
Document management system for Vilnius Municipality
Electronic Archive Information System (EAIS)
General Document Management System for a public sector (DBSIS)
Information system of preparation of land use planning documents
State Energy Inspectorate Information System (VEI IS)
Work organization and DMS for the State Tax Inspectorate

Solutions for libraries


Information System of Virtual Historical Lithuania
Interactive e-services for ordering and receiving publications in public libraries
IS of Lithuanian research and studies electronic documents (eLABa)
IS of transferring Lithuanian literature classics into e-space (e-classics)
Lithuanian Integrated Library Information System (LIBIS)
Lithuanian Virtual Library Information System
System of advanced library e-services (submission of e-publications)
Virtual Electronic Heritage System (VEPS)


Information system of Lithuanian documentary in internet (e-cinema)
Information System “Lithuanian archival funds collection” (LAFS)


LIMIS expansion and development of e-service "Electronic museum guide"
Lithuanian Integral Museum Information System (LIMIS)

Finance management

Public sector

Budget and finance management system for Vilnius City Municipality
Budget and finance management system for Klaipėda City Municipality
Budget and finance management system for the Ministry of Economy
Budget and finance management system for the Presidential Office
Finance management system for the Ministry of Education
Finance management system for the Ministry of Finance
Finance Management System for the National Courts Administration
Land management information system (ŽAIS)
Program development and budgeting system for the Ministry of National Defence
Treasury finance management and accounting information system (FVIS)

Insurance solutions

Insurance companies

Life insurance system for "Mandatum Life Insurance Baltic"
Life insurance system for SEB Life Insurance
Life insurance system GDIS for "PZU Lithuania Life Insurance"
Non-life insurance system DIS for "Balva AAS" and "Balta AAS" (Latvia)
Non-life insurance system DIS for "Ergo Lithuania"
Non-life insurance system DIS for "PZU Lithuania"
Pension funds system for "Danske Capital Investment Management"
System of National Insurance of Transport Means


Training insurance IS for Vilnius University of Applied Sciences

Infrastructure services


Supply and implementation of infrastructure for Citadele Bank

Public sector

Information exchange and e-mail system modernisation (Lithuanian railways)
Specialized hardware and software for creation of the National Audiovisual Heritage Digitization Center
Supply and implementation of infrastructure for Klaipėda State Seaport Authority
Renewal of Internal affairs information system (VRIS) data centers

Other individual systems

Internal and foreign affairs

Consular Procedures Management System (CPMS)
Consulting project on implementation of National Schengen IS and Visa IS
Customs Single Window System (VLS) and Customs Permit System (MLS)
Database of the State registers
Development and modernisation of Legal Acts Registry (TAR)
Lithuanian Migration Information System (MIGRIS)
Electronic services information system (EPIS) for the Migration Department
Facilitated Rail Transit Document Information System (FRTD IS)
Further development of Schengen Information System (N.SISII)
Further development of the National Visa Information System (N.VIS)
Integral information system of administrative services (IAPS)
Integrated information system of penal process (IISPP)
IS for construction permits and state supervision of construction
IS INFOSTATYBA modernization (development of electronic services)
Legislative information system for the Parliament of Lithuania (e-Seimas)
Lithuanian National Register of Wanted Objects
Modernisation of the national register of conviction
National Register of dangerous chemical substances and preparations
National Register of establishments of the state significance objects
National Registry of organ donors and recipients
Non food products market supervision information system (RIPRIS)
Plenary Sessions Information System for the Parliament of Lithuania
Public and administrative services portal and analytical IS (PASIS)
The first generation Schengen information system SIS1+
Transferring administrative services of the state and municipal institutions into e-space


Education Management Information System (IS SCHOOL)
Information system of school management (MVIS)
Information system of Vilnius City interactive school (IMIS)
Open Information, Counselling and Guidance System (AIKOS)
Software of children not going to school
Student Register software

Environment and geoinformatics

Development of electronic services for environmental information
Integrated Computerised IS for Environmental Management (ICISEM)
Lithuanian Geographical Information Infrastructure System (LGII)
New electronic services of the Lithuanian spatial information (LEI) portal


Card issuance component of IS SKAITIS
Road transport electronic services, counselling and information system (eLTSA)
Road Transport Information System (KELTRA)
System of monitoring entities related to road transport (VEKTRA)
Technical Inspection Information System (TAIS)