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Why Asseco Lithuania

Asseco Lithuania in Color Run

Our company’s success is not only a high quality software, but mostly the people behind it. That is why we care so much about the comfort of our employees.

Working atmosphere

Working atmosphere at Asseco Lithuania is so friendly that it sometimes reminds relations in a family. There is no distance between employees and their superiors. Employees can always count on support from their more experienced superiors. Truthfulness and openness in every day’s work is the very foundation of our communication. Since January 2022 the company has moved to a modern, sustainable Technopolis NOVA building.

Integration events

Asseco Lithuania’s employees meet each other not only at work, but also outside the office. Departments organize integration events. Traditional spring, summer and winter events on a company level help all the employees to better know each other. We also celebrate all significant holidays.

Social benefits

Asseco Lithuania invests in its employees also by means of company benefits. Our employees have access to:

  • private health insurance
  • sports recreation (basketball, fitness, sauna)
  • training
  • assistance in education
  • advantages of a modern office: gastronomic, relaxing, sport, other community spaces