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Document management

Avilys DMS

document management, preparation and storage

Avilys - document and process management system

Less paper, less costly way to manage documents! 

Imagine a software that allows managing document-related processes easily and working more efficiently by centrally storing all incoming, outgoing and internal documents.

Imagine that this software application helps you to perform in a quite shorter time practically all routine document management and administrative tasks (create, edit, store, archive). This assures an effective communication within an organisation and helps to save document printing and management costs.

Imagine that you don't need to know who from your colleagues are on holidays and the document sent for your approval could be automatically passed to a colleague filling in for you during your absence and you can track completed assignments on your return.

Imagine that it is easy to find all necessary documents at any time when they are needed. Documents can be processed only by those persons who are authorized to do this.

Imagine that this software is easy to use and make various analysis.

Document and process management system Avilys (eng. Beehive) helps to perform all this and much more.

 DMS Avilys brochure

The Avilys document management system is a perfect solution for enterprise of almost any size that helps to perform the following functions: store and archive documents, register and route documents, prepare and approve documents and contracts, manage tasks, meetings, procurements, projects, resources and consultations, provide e-services and graphically model document preparation processes. There is a possibility to sign documents by electronic signature, also to accept, register and review electronic documents signed by e-signature. Users access the system through internet browser. Avilys runs on Open Source software and other popular database management systems like Oracle, PostgreSQL.

The Avilys document management system can be used as:

  • a standalone system helping to manage the whole life cycle of organization’s documents, from production to archiving, and thus is essential for core processes in the organization;
  • a backend system integrated with core systems of the organization, supporting core systems with  a document management function;
  • an enterprise content management platform for development of specialized applications.

Avilys DMS means:

  • Centralised storage and archiving of documents
  • Document management
  • Task management
  • Contract management
  • Planning and organisation of meetings
  • Legal acts management
  • Procurement information management
  • Consultations management
  • Resource management
  • Project management
  • Electronic services management
  • Periodical reminder-reports
  • Flexible and seamless integration

Highlights of Avilys:

Solution for easy document management

  • Centralised storage and archiving of documents.
  • Electronic documents and electronic signature.
  • Automated workflow processes.
  • Graphical process modelling (process templates, drag-and-drop method).
  • Substitution of employee (allowing an automatic transfer of rights to DMS objects during a temporary replacement of an employee).
  • Document and task transfer to a newcomer.
  • Bulk operations with documents (bulk scanning, routing, linking, approving and signing, uploading to the system, task assignment and closing, data transformation).
  • Tracking history of all actions with documents, versioning and audit log.
  • Full text search, export of search results, personalized searches.
  • Optical character recognition (OCR).
  • Automatic conversion of content files to other format.
  • Flexible integration with external systems (API): e-delivery/post system, personnel and finance management systems, legal acts registry, electronic archive information system, etc.
  • Extensive reporting (templates of reports, various report formats, periodical reports by e-mail).
  • Multiplatform architecture.
  • Easy system administration.
  • System performance monitoring tool.
  • Advanced security (document accessibility and staff confidentiality levels, restricted visibility of organizational units and staff members, warnings on confidential document export, etc.).

Main modules:

Centralised storage and archiving of documents

  • Storage of all documents in one place
  • Archiving of the old data
  • Disposal after retention period
  • Reports
  • Search and export of search results

Process management

  • Process design and management tools
  • Graphical process modelling (drag-and-drop)
  • Synchronous and asynchronous process modelling
  • Predefined process schemas, actual process path preview

Document registration

  • Registration of incoming, outgoing and internal documents/records
  • Classified documents storage (registers, cases, themes, etc.)
  • Document routing and assigning executors
  • Grouping related documents
  • Automatic registration stamp
  • Optical character recognition (OCR): proprietary, open source software with a possibility to use ABBYY OCR engine
  • Document capture by scanning, uploading from email, FTP, file system, other systems (API)

Document preparation

  • Document preparation, approval and signing (automated workflow)
  • Using approved templates for document creation
  • Creation of complex and large volume documents (group-work)

Task management

  • Tasks assignment (related to the document or not)
  • Integrated substitution of an employee
  • Control of task execution
  • Assigning a supervisor for task completion control
  • Interim results of task completion
  • Reminders

Contract management

  • Contract preparation, approval and signing
  • Using approved templates for contract preparation
  • Grouping contracts and documents
  • Management of contract execution stages
  • Contracts’ values, terms and status
  • Due date tracking and reminders
  • Automated workflow

Meeting planning and organisation

  • Submitting of agenda topics
  • Compiling and obtaining approval of the agenda
  • Inviting meeting participants and sharing meeting information, linked to documents in the DMS
  • Announcing and observing the meeting progress in a real-time
  • Taking the minutes (templates, spell-checking)
  • Searching for the minutes

Legal acts management

  • Preparation and coordination of legal acts in the same manner as other documents
  • Management of actual versions of legal acts, expiration dates and related amendments
  • Automated inclusion of changes
    • Separating of legal act content into divisions, chapters, etc.
  • Publishing legal acts on a website
  • Submitting of legal acts to the appropriate legislation registries

Management of electronic services

  •  Creating and publishing service descriptions and application web forms on a website
  • Transferring service application data automatically to a DMS for execution
  • Control of a service execution process
  • Providing service execution status automatically from a DMS to a service recipient

Procurement management

  • Compiling, approval and signing of applications
  • Compiling an annual procurement plan
  • Linking data according procurement groups: works, services, goods
  • Linking contracts to procurement applications
  • Monitoring execution of a procurement plan

Resource management

  • Resource reservation (meeting room, car, multimedia equipment, etc.)
  • Tracking of disposal materials like office supplies
  • Resource planning, avoiding allocation conflicts
  • Reviewing, approval and canceling reservations
  • Resource returning control
  • Reminders on unreturned resource
  • Generating statistics

Project management

  • Registering a project
  • Assigning a project team and its leader
  • Linking files, documents and tasks to the project
  • Assigning tasks to a project team

Other functionalities:

Optimise your document management!

  • E-documents and e-signature (acceptance, verification and registration, preparation, approval and signing by electronic signature). * This functionality should be customized according to the laws of individual country.
  • Consultations management (administration of consulting information and providing consultations, ordering consultations).
  • Knowledge database management (linking database data to tasks, accumulation of knowledge for task execution, search for knowledge data, copying links, videos, tables and formatting text, sending the generated page  by email).
  • System administration (user and access management, build-in tool for report creation and modification, tool  for creation and modification of electronic forms for entering and displaying a document, organizational structure and other settings).


  • AB "Audimas"
  • AB "Lietuvos paštas" (Lithuania Post)
  • Life insurance „SB draudimas"
  • UAB "Akropolis Group"
  • UAB "Kalvasta Group"
  • UAB "INVL Asset Management"
  • UAB "Scandbook"
  • UAB "Neocard"
  • UAB "Aukštaitijos vandenys"
  • UAB "Florinus"
  • UAB "Transmėja"
  • UAB "Tauragės vandenys"
  • UAB "DPD Lietuva"
  • UAB "GVT LT"
  • UAB "Klaipėdos autobusų parkas"
  • Lithuanian Central Credit Union
  • Lithuanian Riflemen's Union
  • Šiauliai Accounting Center
  • Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant
  • Central bank of Lithuania
  • Vilnius, Klaipėda, Panevėžys, Alytus, Šiauliai City Municipalities
  • Biržai, Pakruojis, Šiauliai, Zarasai District Municipalities
  • Office of the Government of Lithuania
  • Ministry of National Defence
  • Ministry of Transport and Communications
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Interior
  • Police Department
  • Information Society Development Committee
  • Motor Insurers' Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania
  • Transport Investment Directorate
  • Klaipeda State Seaport Authority
  • National M. Mazvydas Library and some public libraries
  • Office of the Chief Archivist of Lithuania
  • Vilnius University
  • Cultural Heritage Department
  • National Museum - Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania
  • National Land Service
  • State Railway Inspectorate
  • State Road Transport Inspectorate
  • State Tax Inspectorate
  • State Territorial Planning and Construction Inspectorate
  • State Patent Bureau
  • Agriculture information and rural business centre

Avilys SDP is an enterprise content management (ECM) platform, containing methods and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve and deliver information, documents and data related to organizational processes, and helping to configure and develop new modules and application programs for implementation of various functions related to organizational processes.

More information in section Content Management under menu Solutions.