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Development of the unified Employment Service Information System (UZTIS) and its electronic services: focus on modern user needs

Asseco develops the Employment Service Information System UŽTIS

In December 2023, Asseco Lithuania signed the contract with the Lithuanian Employment Service under the Ministry of Social Security and Labor (UT) regarding creation, implementation, support and development of the Employment Service Information System (UZTIS).

A need for the new information system has been induced by the digital transformation of the Employment Service, the goal of which is to create the unified and flexible information system focused on a better experience of a modern user, based on modern information technologies, meeting ergonomic market standards and enabling provision of public electronic services.

During the two project years it is planned to create and implement the convenient system that can be easily adapted to the changing requirements of legal acts and labor market standards, which will allow to provide qualitative general and individualized electronic services to external users and help to increase the work efficiency of employees working with UT information systems. Within the scope of this project, the electronic service portal will be created, where users will be able to conveniently and independently use the services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week on user computer or smart device. And by applying process automation and artificial intelligence technologies, it will be possible to analyze data more quickly & accurately and better respond to the changes of the labor market, also to speed up UT processes and reduce paper document usage.

In the scope of the project, it is planned to modernize such processes as: service of job seekers, organization of active labor market policy measures, mediation for employers in recruitment, issuing of work permits for foreigners and decision-making, control of measure implementation.

We believe that UZTIS system will become the main service provision channel for all job seekers and employers, maximally digitalizing UT services related to the employment implementation policy, covering all social groups of job seekers, including persons with disabilities.