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Development of a modern study information system of Vilnius University

Asseco Lihuania and CY2 develop Vilnius University study management system

In October 2023, Asseco Lithuania signed a contract with Vilnius University (VU) for a procurement and adaptation of a new user-oriented study information system (VUSIS), which is being implemented together with a subcontractor - the Dutch company CY2 IT Services BV, having an extensive experience in implementing similar systems for the European universities. The need for the new study information system arose from the development of the internationality of VU studies and a pursuit of the new quality and flexibility in study management, which the currently used VU study system does not match either technologically or functionally.

Within two years it is planned to deploy, configure and adapt the study management solution "Oracle PeopleSoft CAMPUS" to Vilnius University, thus providing the university community with a new, modern and easy-to-use system matching the existing and planned study processes and allowing them to be performed electronically, thus significantly optimizing study management. Once the system has been implemented in the daily activities of the university, Asseco Lithuania together with its partner CY2 IT Services BV will support the solution for another three years and adapt the system to the new needs.

The new VUSIS system (based on a world-recognized information technology solution for study management and mobilizing the university community for a common goal) will become an excellent tool for implementing the new VU study concept, changing the compiling of study programs, focusing it towards a better individuality, mobility, interdisciplinarity and internationality of studies. The multilingualism and mobility of the user interface of the implemented product, the openness and security of access, flexibility and extensive configuration options, and many other modern system features will serve the above goals particularly well.

After combining Asseco Lithuania’s experience in implementing systems in Lithuania with CY2 IT Services BV's experience in implementing Oracle PeopleSoft CAMPUS in European and global universities, and configuring and adapting the proposed solution in accordance with the Lithuanian legal framework and VU study regulations, as well as integrating it with the internal and external systems of the university, it will become an integral tool for the activities and communication of the entire VU community, both for studies and other related activities, such as mentoring, consulting, or extracurricular activities.