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The 275 public sector accounting systems were transformed into the general FABIS system

Presentation of the results of the FABIS project at the Ministry of Finance

At the end of July 2023, the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania organized a discussion and presentation of the results of the FABIS project, in which Asseco Lithuania participated together with the joint venture partner Alna Business Solutions, as the main service providers in the development and implementation of project solutions. We are glad that all (21) of our employees, who worked on the project and significantly contributed to its results and success, were invited to this event. The Minister of Finance expressed thanks to our specialists for their professional and responsible work in implementing the project. We say a sincere THANK YOU to the entire project team for a diligent and successful execution of the project!

FABIS is a general financial accounting information system for the public sector entities based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The system made it possible for more than 500 public institutions, which used 275 different systems until now, to start managing their financial accounting with one common system. The general public sector accounting system allows not only an easier and more reliable management of accounting, but also significantly contributes to the sustainability of financial accounting, saving state budget funds used for the maintenance of old systems.

FABIS ensures faster data exchange with other systems relevant to accounting: the general invoice management system, information systems managed by the State Tax Inspectorate (VMI) that accept registers of invoices, declarations of value added tax and personal income tax , etc. The Ministry of Finance and we - as developers of the system - believe that in a few years FABIS will become an irreplaceable and convenient tool for the effective management of public finances.

System further development and maintenance services are currently provided.

Announcement of the Ministry of Finance:
FABIS – alternatyva 275 viešojo sektoriaus apskaitos sistemų | Lietuvos Respublikos finansų ministerija (