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Renewed LIMIS - everything about Lithuanian museums and their collections in one place, new e-services and interactive experiences

Renewed LIMIS: new museum electronic services

The new LIMIS - Lithuanian integrated museum information system - portal has been launched in April 2023 . Asseco Lithuania and the Lithuanian National Art Museum implemented the project “LIMIS modernization, development of the new e-services and interfaces between LIMIS and other information systems & registries, other system expansion services” financed by EU structural funds and the state budget.

New electronic services were developed during the LIMIS modernization project:

  • Virtual museum tours;
  • Virtual exhibitions;
  • Restoration of cultural heritage objects;
  • Ordering high-resolution digital images;
  • Registration and/or purchase of tickets to museums/museum events;
  • Interactive virtual storytelling service “My and our story”;
  • Virtually around the territory of Vilnius castles;
  • Audio guides;
  • Virtual Lithuanian language museum LEMUZA;
  • Search of artworks, scientific research articles and their copyright holders.

The project aimed to ensure a better availability of culture heritage objects in the regions and a possibility to better present the cultural content to a foreign audience. Currently, the LIMIS system contains more than 700,000 digitized cultural heritage objects from more than 100 museums.

We invite you to use the renewed LIMIS portal and the provided e-services, and better explore the Lithuanian cultural heritage!