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Lithuanian contact center information system: all business information and e-services in one place

In March 2022, Asseco Lietuva completed the almost three-year project of developing, modernizing and deploying of the Contact Center Information System (KCIS). The services were ordered by the entrepreneurship and export development agency “Versli Lietuva”, whose functions were taken over by the Innovation Agency in 2022.

The goal of the project was to expand and modernize the existing business services website, enabling Lithuanian and foreign entities starting and conducting business in Lithuania to conveniently and quickly find on a "one-stop" basis all the main information related to conducting of business according to the life cycle of the business (from the start of the business to the end) or business areas in Lithuanian and English, to electronically perform all the main administrative procedures related to the start of business, to find and use the general electronic solutions and tools for business.

The KCIS system is intended to perform the functions of a contact center for services and products, providing publicly available information and performing information processing, data collection, document management, and remote communication processes related to the public electronic services provided by the competent institutions of the Republic of Lithuania (Information Society Development Committee, Association of Lithuanian Municipalities, Centre of Registers, State Social Insurance Fund Board, State Tax Inspectorate, State Food and Veterinary Service). During the project, a composite electronic service "I'm starting a business" was created, as well as modernized other services, such as receiving general information for entrepreneurs, receiving personalized data about the business (business card), receiving answers to individual questions, obtaining an access to electronic solutions for business, paying for services, searching for permit information. KCIS system is integrated with external systems: State Information Resource Interoperability Platform (SIRIP), Public and administrative services portal and analytical information system (PASIS), E.Delivery, Register of Legal Entities (JAR), Self-Service of the Centre of Registers, Electronic service for registration of legal entities (JAREP) and others.

The Contact Center Information System is being further developed according to the customer's needs. Recently, a separate KCIS subsystem has been developed to promote student entrepreneurship. The Innovation Agency website for managing services, news, events, funding, success stories, and information about the agency is currently being modernized.

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