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Developing e-services of the Integrated Information System of Penal Process

In November 2019 Asseco Lithuania, representing a consortium of partners, signed an agreement with the Information Technology and Communications Department under the Ministry of the Interior for a modernization of the Integrated Information System of Penal Process (IISPP) software. The goal of this project is to create and deploy an Electronic services portal, develop e-services to natural and legal persons participating in the pre-trial investigation. The project is financed by the European Union funds and is expected to be completed by March 2021.

The project aims to develop the following electronic services: Execution of the pre-trial procedure by summoning a person to the investigation,  Familiarizing with the pre-trial case material and ordering its copies, Informing on pre-trial investigation decisions and events, Providing additional information related to the pre-trial investigation, Submission of requests, complaints related to the pre-trial investigation process and Managing payments related to pre-trial investigation, which will provide individuals and legal entities involved in the pre-trial process with the efficient tools to monitor progress of the pre-trial investigation, electronically submit or receive information, electronically familiarize with the pre-trial investigation material, reduce paperwork, to see in one place the historical data of all the pre-trial investigations in which a person participated, to electronically create payments and automatically record the data confirming payment. It will also reduce paper documents for the pre-trial investigation entities, time spent on printing and sending documents by registered mail, amount of manual work required to digitize paper documents, allow to efficiently communicate information, requests, summons and other data to those involved in the pre-trial investigation, result in a more efficient pre-trial investigation process itself.

Services will be provided in the Electronic Services Portal that will ensure information security and enable the pre-trial investigation participants to electronically perform actions related to the pre-trial investigation.

IISPP system was created in 2013-2015 during the project “Development and implementation of Integrated Information System of Penal Process”. The project aimed to create a unified Integrated Information System of Penal Process storing relevant criminal process data. In this way, the criminal proceedings were transferred to e-space, thus saving participants’ time, allowing to access information faster, reducing errors and providing comprehensive criminal process information. In 2017-2018 the system expansion services were provided including development of new functionalities, integration interfaces, module for managing large-scale video content and tools for viewing video content.

Development of e-services to natural and legal persons participating in the pre-trial investigation