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New virtual museum services will be provided in two years

Asseco Lithuania implements with the Lithuanian Art Museum a project financed by EU structural funds and the state budget “LIMIS modernization, development of the new e-services and interfaces between LIMIS and other information systems & registries, other system expansion services”. Lithuanian Art Museum signed the contract with Asseco Lithuania in March 2019. The project is planned to be finished in two years.

Lithuanian Integral Museum Information System (LIMIS) was developed by Asseco Lithuania and its partners in 2010-2013. Today LIMIS runs, exhibitions and other cultural heritage objects are accounted, digital content is stored in LIMIS databases and published to the national and foreign virtual cultural heritage space by more than 90 museums. The number increases each year. More than 120,000 cultural heritage objects are submitted to LIMIS system each year.

New electronic services being developed during the LIMIS modernization project:

  • Virtual museum tour;
  • Virtual exhibitions / Digital storytelling;
  • Restoration of cultural heritage objects;
  • Providing high-resolution digital images;
  • Registration and / or purchase of tickets to museums / museum events;
  • Interactive virtual storytelling service “My and our story”;
  • Virtually through a territory of Vilnius castles;
  • Audio guide for children;
  • Lithuanian language through the means, exhibits and expositions;
  • Works of art, scientific research and search for their authors.

The project aims to ensure a better availability of culture heritage objects in the regions and a possibility to better present it for a foreign audience. During the project around 63,500 cultural heritage objects will digitized.

Virtual museum project team of the Lithuanian Art Museum and Asseco Lithuania (Asseco Lietuva)